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So I've looked into the issue abit more, when I try to access the connectioncheck table I get the following message:

ERROR 1105 (HY000): Failed to open 'connectioncheck', error while unpacking from engine

Also since I'm running VM's, I always ssh to the machine and didn't realize there was an error getting printed to the console.

DBI connect('database=ldirectordb;host= rt3306','ldirector',...) failed: Unknown database 'ldirectordb' at /etc/ha.d/resource.d/ldirector line 1950

I saw that people were having this issue after restarting their cluster,80009,80009

I wasn't sure if you've seen this before, because when you start from scratch it works, but after 1 reboot, it seems that the database somehow gets corrupted or something. I've tried dropping the database, but still doesn't work.
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