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Question Debian with Ruby on Rails and Apache 2 with FastCGI - Having Issues


I'm having a bit of a problem getting my ruby application to run on the apache side of things. I create my site using the hosting plan then I have the user go in using shell access - he basically creates and test the application using the webrick server, but when he goes to copy the files over as in the How_To. We get stuck with an server error 500.

Create the New site using the Hosting plan.

In the rails application rename the public directory to web. (The following assumes that the directory created by the hosting plan is web1. Change the following accordingly if it is not.)

cd (rails application directory)
mv public web

Copy everything in the rails directory to the new directory created on your server for the website.

cp -R * /var/www/web1

Modify the .htaccess in the web directory by adding

SetEnv RAILS_ENV production
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

and removing any option directives.

Make sure the webserver can access all the files by changing the owner of the files to your web server.

cd /var/www/web1 (or whatever your website directory is.)
chown -R www-data:web1 *

It should work now!
Do we need to create the application in a specific folder?
Where can the .htaccess be found in this account's folder or do we just make one?
After trying to attempt some of these things - the site still results with an 500 server error.

I was hoping someone could clarify the process using an example possibly filling in some of the gaps to the process.

After attempting several times - i'm stuck using the webrick in order to see the site run.

Confused and dazed

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