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Default Server Setup Help Please

Ok, just want to mention right off the bat that I think that ISPConfig is going to be great as soon as I can actually get it to work . I have some experience in configuring nameservers but obviously not enough- becuase I have been having problems getting this server to resolve. Allow me to just spill as many details as I can and hope that you can help me out.

Debian setup following all tutorial steps-,

Using cable internet access - behind a router (which I have been set and changed nearly every possible setting)- lan is comprised of server and personal pc's. I have set server out in DMZ, and have tried port-forwarding. Here is what I can get from

How I am searching:
Searching for ALL record at []: Got referral to K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. [took 29 ms]
Searching for ALL record at K.GTLD-SERVERS.NET. []: Reports [took 104 ms]


Domain Type Class TTL Answer NS IN 172800 NS IN 172800 NS IN 172800 NS IN 172800 A IN 172800 A IN 172800
I can access ISPConfig from local address 192.168.*.*:81... it works except I am experiencing the same problem as multiple others have had (images not displaying). I have setup A records for www, server1,

IP-Adresse Hostname www mail server1 server2
server seems to time out if I try to ping it or check for SOA records... what can I do to fix this frustrating problem (I feel like I am close to getting this working, just need a little shove).
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