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Originally Posted by falko
Is server1 listed in /etc/hosts?
yes, this server IP has a hostname of and the alias names are www.[domain].com ftp.[domain].com, etc.

I figured out it has something to do with the insert for proftpd you gave me above. When I go back to the proftpd.conf we setup in the Perfect Setup SuSe 10.1, I get a normal restart.

Also when I copied your insert above into proftpd.conf it still takes me into the ISPConfig FTP directory for "" which is also web4. Interesting, it seems when using ISPConfig as admin (prabably as Client also) that the last "Site" given anon ftp access is designated as the default directory if you log in as anon with an ftp client. The lines <Anonymous /srv/ftp> and <Directory /srv/ftp/incoming> had no effect on where the anon login with an ftp client was directed.

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