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ok .. again you ROCK!!

got the php fixed .. and found my I did not change the php from the admin .. you know click something on then off.. and it never changed the php.ini so I thought it was fine.. when I did actually change the php.. it also changed to the revised settings that never clicked in before.. I went back thru and changed it back.. so its all fine now.. a related question,

in my security.. I have a deal that pop's a window open and gets info on the person and and you can add notes and such.. well all I get is the window now.. I have a radio pop-up its a radio that pops open to play different stations.. the same type of pop as my security.. dont work either..

what is controling that?.. ever heard of a problem like this before.. I know thats really vague.. I know of no other way to explain it.. the error, the window pops open.. but the page is blank.. no info
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