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Default proFTP config

My Perfect Set up SuSe 10.1 config for proFTP along with ISPConfig seems to be working with one exception... I have 2 sites web14_ and web15_, when I log in as anonymous it shows only the web14_ incoming directory.

When I log in as the assigned users for web14_ and web15_ and their password it goes to their applicable web directory and other misc. directories. I just don't see where in the config files this is occurring.

What is proftp using for authentication in Perfect Set Up and ISPConfig set up?

I would prefer that the anonymous logging go into proftp alone and not the ISPConfig side. I assume there is probably and adjustment I need to make in the proftp_ispconf.conf(?).

Since I have never used proftp (or vsftp) beyond anonymous I am unfamiliar with assigning users and directory rights but if I wanted to consolidate users who have access to different web programs (ISPConfig and Coppermine in my case) would this be what would help do that? ---> Virtual Hosting With Proftpd And MySQL (Incl. Quota)
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