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Thanks for the reply on my question.
You are right I use only the second options to boot fedora.

and I have solved the problem

When I boot from de install CD by Fedora I had a chose fore “linux rescue”
So I deed. But in that mode I had not the rights to enter the RC5.D map.
I was a user en not the admin.
Buy a accidental LINUX reboot from GRUB I say the chose for Interactive boot.
Of course I was to late to enter that.
Reboot again and type early enough a capital I and I was able by the interactive boot to skip the pcmcia device.
Now I was in the GUI and deed the change in the map RC5.D S09pcmcia to K09pcmcia.
Later I set also the chkconfig pcmcia off.
I look again in the RC5.D map and the file K09pcmcia was quit.
The symlink was deleted

Bye Ab
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