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Arrow Aaaack! I'm confused

I WAS able to get to my "main" site ( until I added two other FQDNs ( & to my ispConfig, so I don't know if this issue is related to this or not, but now I can't get to,, or

I'm using ZoneEdit to "host" my name servers for my "main" ispConfig Site, since I have a dynamic ip. I do need to do this right?'s name servers can't point to itself? I've added in ZoneEdit.coms ip address table the following:
Someone needs to write one of those "For Dummies" (I would definately qualify!!) books, or is there a step by step guide after install for adding a site in the forums somewhere? and then adding additional sites?
I have a netgear router with port forwarding and have "forwarded" the following ports:
to my server (192.168.0.XX1) on my lan. I'm running a dns updater "service" on one of my windows machines to update my dynamic ip address in the ZoneEdit ip address entries.

On my "main" site ( in ispConfig, I have co-domains for:

Now, with any other site that I "host" on my server , the DNS entries will be NS1.MYSITE.COM & NS2.MYSITE.COM, correct? or do I need to use for those also? I'm such a NOOB! and I'm sooo confused! Do the name servers in ispConfig "communicate" with the web and let them know where ALL of the sites that I'm hosting on my server are?

So, in summary, I took the following steps:
1) Added "client" in ispConfig
2) Added "" in ispConfig
After a couple of hours, I could actually get to from the net AND ispConfig Admin.
3) Added "" in ispConfig
4) Added "" in ispConfig
Now, I can't even get to "", "", "", or ispConfig Admin via the net. I know that I screwed up somewhere, the software is wonderful.
I tried updating the DNS records in my registrar to and for and, but they say that ns1& don't exist? AAaack!
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