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Hi Falko,

Thanks for the great articles, but honestly there are a couple of things that are still missing on my end. My GoDaddy account does not have "Total DNS Control", when I click on the domain, so I just follow the last part, which is to create NS1 and NS2 on the "Domain Host Summary" with the corresponsing 2 different IP address that is being pointed to the same server.

I'm still having problem in understanding on how to setup this nameserver on single server with 2 different IP address.

From what I can understand, this is the steps that I need to take:
1. Setup A (host) record for the domain to be used as a nameserver, which is and I cannot do this step, because I don't see any option for this in my GoDaddy account, will it be a matter if I just start from step 2?
2. Setup domain host again on GoDaddy summary page, which I'm still not sure why we need to do it twice.
3. Change server setting in ISPConfig, under dns tab to have and to be the name server address.

That's all, right? Now I can just start using the nameserver for all my other domain, and all I need to do just setup a new site using any reseller account that I just created, and it will automatically create the DNS config and records for the current site domain, and all I need is to change the nameserver for that specific site to use and that I setup in the first place. Do I get this right? Will the new site domain automatically support email as well?

Thank you
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