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Default Mail system problems.


1. first problem.
Sometimes I got the strange message:
with no subject, name and et.c the body is:

X-Spam-Checker-Version: SpamAssassin 3.0.4 (2005-06-05) on
X-Spam-Status: No, score=-1.2 required=5.0 tests=ALL_TRUSTED,MISSING_DATE,
MISSING_SUBJECT autolearn=unavailable version=3.0.4

I got this message after sending file.txt to my email. Already, i got 5 messages like this. My email is set to system admin email in ISPconfig.

2. second problem, with quotas.
Web users and web site has quota 5000 mb. The ISPconfig shows that site are only using 23.2 mb of all 5000. Web site users does'nt has mail box quota limits. But sometimes whey cannot receive email, of a error Mail quota exceeded!

On shell:
repquota -avug | grep web29
web29 -- 410904 5120000 5120000 6992 0 0

As you can see web29 user are using 401 mb. Not 23.2 mb that says the ISPconfig. I checked the owners of users directories, everything is fine. Others sites are showing not correct size too But at least the emails are working well.

3. Where to find logs of spammassins reports, trashscan, clamav?

4. Thanks for advice.

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