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Default "Hot-swap" IP and hostname of ISPConfig-server

Hi developers, hi forum,

we need to "hot-swap" a server after syncing all userdata from the old one. after that, we want to "switch" servers.


- old server has IP x.x.x.61 and hostname
- new ISPConfig-server has IP x.x.x.62 and hostname

How we want to do it [short version]:

- Set up all domains and user-accounts according to the old server. [That one is already scripted and working]
- Set shadow hashes from old server for all users. [already scripted and working]
- Shutdown sendmail on old server [backup-mx will catch eMails meanwhile]
- rsync mailboxes from old server to new ISPConfig-server. chown owners and permissions of synced mailboxes on new ISPConfig-server according to ISPConfig user-ids and groups.[already scripted, too]

As final steps we need to shutdown the old server and change the IP of the new ISPConfig-server to x.x.x.61 and its hostname to

Now ISPConfig-settings need to be "hacked" to write new settings to keep on working itself and change all zonefiles and vhosts... what else?!?

Is this possible?

What else do we need to do by hand?

What did i forget?

Thx in advance for every useful hint...

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