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Originally Posted by falko
It seems you have erased everything on your hard disk.
actually, not the case. further investigation today using the rescue disk again proved that all of my data is still there. i used the:
Code: linux restore
from the commandline utility on the rescue disk. browsing through there, i had an option to look for the location of my "driver image" (or some such drivers/ files ... i forget the true name), and i saw all of my stuff in those directories-- including both original partitions made by the original install. i browsed down through those folders, and sure enough-- my directories are visible.

although, i would otherwise have been inclinded to agree w/ you based on the thought that renaming the ./* would do who-knows-what kind of damage.

i was advised elsewhere to mount the drive and see what i could do from there. based on what you can see from my screen capture, how do i go about "safely" mounting that drive (read-only maybe?) so i can at least get a better look at it? i'm assuming the screen shot shows an "unmounted" drive?
EDIT: in case it's not been mentioned, i'm on FC5 now, just a different hard drive-- and the "faulty drive" is attached as "slave"

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