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Originally Posted by bpmee
1.) Now, when I reboot NAMED and look at the client sites, I STILL GET THE "SHARED IP" message??????
Is your server in a NAT enviroment behind a router? If yes, you must use your internal IP address for the websites. If not, ping your domain from your workstation, does it show the same IP address that you selected in ISPConfig?

2.)Are the Vhost entries supposed to be listed in multipe files, even though some overlap or appear redundant? Why are they all over the place and not set in one file?
All files vhosts are in one file. If you have other vhsost files, these files are not from ISPConfig and you must remove them if you want to use ISPConfig and redstart your werbserver.

3.)Why does the main file have all the resellers and one unrelated client account, and not all other client accounts I installed (some 80 +).
The main file has always all domains that where created in ISPConfig. Clients and resellers where never written to the vhosts file as clients are only created virtually in the ISPConfig interface.
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