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Originally Posted by till
ISPConfig is a webhosting controlpanel, you can not create email accounts without creating a website.
The steps are:
1) Create a client
2) Create a website
3) Add email users
Ok, this is the situation:
I have 1 webaddress assigned to my name: www.<MySite>.com this is registered at
I have a Windows server currently hosting my website and a Linux Fedora 5 server than i want to use as a Mail server and later maybe move my Windows hosted site to my Linux server as well.

1. Do I need to something with the DNS side on ISPConfig? (Remember i have only 1 Linux server and it only has 1 IP address)
2. Do i HAVE to host the Windows Hosted site on thelinux box to get mail to work.
3. My question is still HOW do i get the mail to work (I am trying to understand the ISPConfig documentation but i am strugeling.)

Thank you
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