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Originally Posted by falko
You can't use NTFS for Linux. Linux is capable of reading NTFS partitions, but it cannot write to them yet. So you need to re-partition your hard disk (I assume you already have Windows installed using all the space on your hard disk) to create enough space for Linux. You can use tools like Partition Magic for that.

Why do you want to use RedHat 7.3? It's very old. Why don't you use Fedora Core 4 if you want to stick to a RedHat based distribution?
Thanks for your quick reply. Can I just partition it through dos/command line? Or do I have to buy ths $60.00 partition magic to start using linux?

And about the version, I dont know. A friend gave me a text book intro to unix and linux with that version in the back. I am open to whatever though. I mean I have no Idea about this linux stuff hence me being here. I am willing to try whatever is good. I am by no means a computer expert. I know enough to get in and do somethings that impress my friends and family, basically enought to mess stuff up.

But I would want the version that gave me the most options to do things and programs. I have just had the interest to try out linux and never really got started in it till my bud gave me the book with the disk. Everytime I went to sites I was always set back by all the versions. You know just was not sure what to get and where to start. So here I am, I'm ready to give it a try and see what all the fuss is about. So what do you advise? Im open to anything.
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