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Default FTP very ODD problem (imho)

Okay, so I did that "Perfect Ubuntu (DD) 6.06" setupd, installed proftpd, and installed ispconfig.

At first everything was working fine. I could always and can always login as root via ftp and it works fine. I used ispconfig to create an "administrator" user about a week ago. Initially everything was working fine w/ the ftp.

But it seems that it's gotten worse and worse. I'm using FileZilla and 1/10 times it will actually connect. When it does, fine, but then I try and change directories and it timesout.

The proftpd.log says stuff like:
13:59:35 FTP no transfer timeout, disconnected
13:59:35 FTP session closed.
13:59:35 FTP session opened.
13:59:35 USER jferland: login successful.
20:00:34 FTP session closed.
14:00:35 FTP session opened.
14:00:35 USER jferland timeout, disconnected
14:05:35 FTP session closed.
20:05:35 FTP session opened.

Any help and resolution to the problem would be greatly appreciated, b/c I can't upload anything and it's getting super annoying.
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