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hi there. i have nearly the same problem w/ Linux Fedora Core 5. (screen shot of viewing the drive from another, working FC5. i don't know if this "means" anything. on Win, i might meansomething more to me-- ie-- the MBR is gone or something, but i don't know anything about how the Filesystem can or can not be destroyed: )

why destroyed? my problem seems to be a result of commandline operations in which i attempted to move files while using the dot-slash-asterisk shortcut
[root@localhost usr]# mv -vf /usr/lib/mozilla/* /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.13/* 
was instead typed as:
..usr]# cd /usr/lib/mozilla-1.7.13
[root@local mozilla-1.7.13]# mv ./mozilla/* ./*
note that very last part. beyond there, i lost all command line function. (ie. @locahost /]# ls -l error: there is no such directory / no such bash command, etc)
so, i restarted, and ended up w/ this Kernal panic.

since i have no way of getting into "anything" (except grub, and i do have the "rescue disk")-- how do i go about "fixing" this problem? meaing-- i hear all this about "recompile the Kernel"... that's fine, but From where? the Grub command line? i just don't understand where i'm supposed to be executing commands at this point. if i can figure that out, i'll probably be okay-- or at least able to try stuff. right now, i'm lookin' at the grub> and i know not what to do.
btw: standalone FC5 40GB . it had an xp drive slaved from /mnt/windows/ at the time of malfucntion, but i can't see that would have an effect.

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