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Originally Posted by matehortua
hi everyone

i want to know what are the hardware prerequisites for a server that is using ISPconfig

tanx and bye
I have a Server here for testing puposes Compaq proliant, and here it comes,
Its 400Mhz and had 9G Hdd 64Mb Ram and it works fine.

But if your intentions are to host lets say 50 sites you are more concerned with
Hdd space. A standard install with debian sarge has footprint of about:

aproxemetly (sorry for my english too i am from holland

750 MB

so if you intent to host sites databases and mail add ad mutch hd's in your machine as possible.

Now the other tree bottlenecks are RAM INTERNET and CPU

Advice MORE is better altough you can get lot of preformance with linux and old hardware. I hope more experienced users can fill you in on all kinds of info regarding the main bottlenecks of a ISPconfig system

I hope that i have informed you well .

gr Ovis
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