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Cool Internet sharing and Gateway in Same ISPConfig Box

I have used iptables and mandriva's shorewall with huge success in setting the nat/pat up in the Internet sharing environment. Shorewall is disabled in Mandriva and ISPConfig add Bastille, or an version thereof. I do not know not understand Bastille yet, It seem to be using Masq and literal IP's therefore IP changes int he Interfaces does not automatically set-up the firewaal at re-boot like Shorewall would were you only say e.g. NET = eth0 and LAN = eth1

I see that ISPConfig include only parts of the Bastille software (bastille executable seem to be removed / renamed) I ran updatedb and locate bastille - empty I came up and i could not use the bastill utility as descrived on their Website.

My problem is to now change the bastile config files to allow for proper GW sever w/o interfering with the ISPconfig controll over this bastill software.

I have an DSL router with ETH, thus my Default GW, My Fedora 5 box has eth1 and the inside network is on eth0

In shorewall I only need to define the internet interface and the lan interface - is there such an easy way with bastile config files that will not be modified by ISPConfig?

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