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Originally Posted by falko
suExec doesn't accept symlinks for security reasons.
Well I in fact solved the problem by making /var/www symlink to /www and now SuExec works fine... (not the finest way, I know.)

I didn't want to compile apache, as I have installed it by the-easy-way, apt-get

Now there is only one problem, php scripts work only on my userdir (public_html), and on other users it says "No input file specified.". So now set so apache's mod php will handle .php files (works fine on everywhere), but if I use .htaccess file like this to get php use FastCGI-SuExeced-php (what a word..):

RemoveHandler .php
AddType application/fastcgi-php php
Action application/fastcgi-php "/php5.fcgi"
This works on public_html, I don't know the right path for vhosts (as "/www/" and "/php5.fcgi" didn't work) so this doesn't work on vhosts...
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