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Originally Posted by zimele
HI All

I'm working with the Debian Master/slave DNS system HOWTO
I'm using Debian 3.1
and i'm using

to source my files

I'm having a number problems with the BIND9 Master/Slave System

I get stuck in the begining

after adding
deb-src testing main contrib non-free

to my sources.list file and then running
cd ~/lsb-base/
apt-get -y build-dep lsb-base
apt-get source lsb-base -b
dpkg-i lsb-base*.deb

it has a problem in the
apt-get -y build-dep lsb-base

E: Build-Depends dependency for lsb cannot be satisfied because no available versions of package debhelper can satisfy version requirements
Have a look here:

Originally Posted by zimele
and the second when i decided to leave those 2 steps outs (LSB-Base and BIND9) i just ran the apt-get install bind 9 and bind was installed but now after all that when i try to run /etc/init.d/bind9 restart after installoing on the master and the slave i get this error

Stopping domain name service: namedrndc: connect failed: connection refused

and i read that i need to change the settings on /etc/default/bind9
from the bind user to nobody and i did that and still no luck i still get the same error even after restarting the machine many a time and my other problem is that the zones are not copied from one machine to another could that be because of lsb-base not being installed correctly

after including these 2 lines in /etc/bind/named.conf.options
dnssec-enable yes;
dnssec-keygen -a hmac-md5 -b 128 -n host linux.lan

and running the named-checkconf command i get this error
/etc/bind/named.conf.options:22: unknown option 'dnssec-enable'
/etc/bind/named.conf.options:23: unknown option 'dnssec-keygen'

can anyone assist me as to what am i doing wrong!!!!
Check out the comments at the bottom of . It's a permissions problem.
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