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Question Getting things straight


I bought the domains "" and "". I followed the Fedora 5 perfect setup on my machine, but did it with my 32 bit version... The name for this machine is ISPConfig was setup using this name as well. I created 2 sites within ISPConfig and I've got an email address setup and working as - side note - Rogers sucks as they block smtp traffic.

I've found that php is disabled in the site, but works in I think this thread has answered why that is... Now... For some reason (I think it maybe due to "globals" settings) I can't seem to get any pages that use $HTTP_GET_VARS['somevalue'] or $HTTP_POST_VARS['someothervalue'] to work. I've tried switching everything over to $_GET['somevalue'] and $_POST['someothervalue'], but something like

echo "Blah Blah";

and the URL is "somepage.php?something=1"... it won't display Blah Blah for me...

Any suggestions?

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