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Default SSL Multiple domains

Hi all,

I've read many posts regarding ssl configuration with ispconfig but I haven't found the answer I need yet.
I have two registered domains pointing to the same public IP-address. This address is natted to my opensuse 10.1 server. The server has two internal ip adresses bound to one nic. (one = virtual). Now, I can only have one ssl certificate per ip-address (so I've read). If I configure a second domain in ISPconfig with the second address, I get the message "This address is shared" in the browser. If I configure the sites with the same address then I can only have on domain with ssl.
Question: Can somebody please tell me how I can configure all my site to be able to use ssl? Is it even possible.
Any answer would be immensely appreceated for I have been struggeling for quite a while now.
Highest regards,
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