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Smile DNS: Multiple IPs, want to setup a "private" nameserver on each IP for resellers


I realize BIND and DNS can be difficult, so I am asking the forum to help me out on this one...

I'm on Fedora Core 4 Linux

Here is what I have done so far:

1. Main IP, is setup in ISPconfig and ifcfgeth0
2. This IP is a nameserver, with domain: , for example I use for domain installation on this specific IP, which is the "admin" or root user.
3. Second IP, is setup in ISPconfig and aliased as ifcfgeth0:0.
4. This IP is a nameserver, with domain: (same domain as above), for example using

5. All my other IPS, have been added to ISPconfig and each one has an alias in ifcfg as ifcfgeth0:0, ifcfgeth0:1, :2 :3 ....etc

6. I can Ping each IP successfully, including the ones without nameservers.

7. I went to ISPConfig and made a few new resellers and clients. I then added the main reseller site as starting point, for example: Reseller 1 - Client Smith - Site: . I then created several additional websites under this reseller and client. I assigned domain and the other domains the same IP in ISPconfig.

8. Here is where I have lost my way: Now, I want to setup Reseller 1 with its own nameserver, ie. using the main reseller domain,

9. So, I went to the ISPconfig entry for and added an "A" record for "ns1", keeping in mind that the main entry, "www" has already been added by ISPconfig.

10. Finally, I went to the DNS manager and assigned two nameservers: , and - the second nameserver of the main "admin" domain on the server.

11. Then, I went to my registrar and for the domain I added as the first nameserver with IP and .

12. I repeated these steps for a few other resellers. Now BIND has crashed! When I attempt to reboot NAMED, I get the following error for almost all the domains and reseller main domains I installed:

Starting named:
Error in named configuration:
zone loaded serial 1997022700
zone loaded serial 2006091302
zone loaded serial 2006091301
zone loaded serial 2006091302
zone loaded serial 2006081603

##...other reseller domains withsame result as my main domain...

##.. and then a long list of the following errors:

zone /IN: loading master file : not a valid number
_default/ not a valid number

zone /IN: loading master file : not a valid number
_default/ not a valid number
Any thoughts? I am completely baffled... Is there a tutorial for setting up private nameservers for each reseller main domain, and then adding additional domains under the reseller with the reseller's private nameservers???

Thanks in advance for your help!
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