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Unhappy SuSE as master DNS server and Centos as slave DNS server...

Hello all,

I think I posted this elsware on the forums but cant find it anywhere.

Anyway, I'm installing Plesk Expand on the Centos slave server becuase Plesk Expand does'nt support Suse. What I need to do is figure out how to / or where to put my slave server settings. I saved my slave server setting from my previous SuSE slave server. Can anyone help me get my Centos set up as a slave server? Any help would be most appreciated. In SuSE all I had to do was go into Yast and configure the DNS setting there, but I dont see any BIND or NAMED configuration tool in Centos so I'm assuming this has to be done manually; or is there a utility that I can download on my Centos slave DNS server to configure it graphically?

Thanks again,

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