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now I have one more question towards spamassassin. other solutions beside ispconfig seemed to be using spamc or spamd running as daemon. ispconfig doesn't.

I want to use a plugin for a wordpress installation. its details can be found here:
this plugin uses spamassassin to filter comments in the blog. it seems to expect spamassassin running as daemon. here is a config file excerpt:

// If you want to use a spamd server running on the same machine, uncomment
// the next line, changing the name of the UNIX domain socket if necessary,
// and comment out the two lines after it.
// $wp_spamd_socket = "/tmp/spamd.socket";
$wp_spamd_server = "localhost";
$wp_spamd_port = 783;
how can I get spamassassin running as daemon, where do I find its socket fiel and will it interfere with ispconfig??? any ideas?
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