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@martinmuc: Thanks, this helps indeed. I kind of figured out that the sending server is the one responsible for the actual delay, since my postfix-server can't resend that mail. I just thought that mailservers would retry continuous for say two days, my bad. The time window explanation completely cleared the fog for me, I'll just give mail a day to reach me, after that, the urgency is most often gone anyway.
I'll change the settings tonight, and see what happens.
Guess I'll have to add some domains to the postgrey-whitelist as well...

What are your experiences with average delay-times?
And now that I'm asking: I want to run a mailman listservice on a subdomain, can I exclude domains from postgrey-processing? It would be nasty to first delay the original post, and then further delay the mailman-mails to recipients on the same box.
Ouch, maybe I should just stick to spamassassin and skip the greylisting.


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