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Question Auto create ifconfig / eth* record?

I'm not sure I'm posting this in the correct thread, and please pardon me for interjecting a question into your conversation, but I believe its the most relevant and up to date thread ...

We're moving over from Plesk, and we're obviously new to ISPconfig in general. We've got a fair handle on the system and have installed things successfully. Now comes the headaches ...

We're trying to simply (well maybe not simply) auto detect a block of assigned IP's issued by Godaddy and automatically create interface records / eth* for each. We've got a fair grip on the programming aspect, but are completely baffled where the allocated static IP's are being "parked" on the server.

In Plesk, there is a "Re-Read" IP pool option that will scan and pick up any IPs allocated to your server. This is the same process where looking for with ISPconfig, and if none exists, we will create one. I've been search for 2 days for some direction, had numerous frustrating calls with NoDaddy's brainless Teir 1 support (Teir 2 no longer takes phone calls - grrrr), and read countless online articles looking for some hint, but I'm lost.

A point in the right direction would be tremendously helpful.

Question simplified:

How do we have ISPconfig (or relevant utility) scan for allocated IPs and create necessary records for each one detected?

We're trying to do a tiny bit more then that, but I need to start somewhere.

Thanks in advance for your time,


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