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Default External mail server - Help please


I managed to get the ispConfig all up and running.
However I have an issue with email.

The normail domains where mail is hosted on the ispConfig is fine.

However I have one email server that is very large load so I run a dedicated mail server.
I have the following in the DNS -

A Record
IP-Adresse Hostname www ns1 ns2 mail news

Mailserver Hostname


Under: Site -> Options
I have Mailserver = External mailserver
-- however it was originally set to internal (could this cause problems? Can I change later)


In co-domains tab I have
IP Hostname Domain
When I click the IP i get another menu
I click the options tab and select "External mailserver"

However it appears the ispConfig is still trying to send/authenticate mail against its own mail server for this domain, not the external one.

Originally I setup the domain with local email, then changed it to external.
Is this causing a problem?
The DNS is a replica of what I had on my old BIND server.

Any help is appreciated...

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