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Red face Confused about "best" partitions on Debian Sarge with ISPConfig

Good morning,

in the next days I will setup 2 new webserver with debian sarge and ispconfig as the admin panel. The problem is: actually I have a webserver (RedHat) with about 300 domains in use and these domains I have to move to the new webserver.

The last hours I have read and read and read to learn and understand about ispconfig, partitions and quotas - and now I am confused. So I will post this thread to hope for help ...

My plan for the partitions on the server look like follows:


In the home partition I have to place the sites/webs, because on the actual server it is the same partition. So I can't change this, because I have to change a lot of config-files.

In addition I would like to use quotas at least for the web space. I think that should no problem if the quota is enabled for the home partition, or isn't? But what is happen with the mailquota - I will use the maildir-format ?

And the other important question: Can I use the partition plan to work in cooperation the debian sarge system and isp config? Or have I expect some problems? In most of all threads I read to put the web in a partition called /var/www - is anything different in /var/www as like in /home?

Please, sorry about my boring questions but ... I think I need a break ...

Thx for your help
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