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Default External mail server with gmail MX service

I'm tryng to use external mail service offered by Gmail setting how MX the 5 mail server of Gmail.

i have a problem making this....

I have setting on my domain the option "external mail server" on the host and host

When setting up the host "" in dns manager i have added IP address of my machine, and have hadded 5 mail server of Gmail in the MX section of DNS manager.

Quering host

Getting MX record for (from local DNS server, may be cached)... Got it!

Host Preference IP(s) [Country] 10 [US] 20 [US] [US]

This test see correctly the MX address of Gmail server....

when send an email to form email address hosted on the same server, it return this error postfix message:

The Postfix program

<>: mail for loops back to

Postfix tryng to send this mail at host with my ip...
But host have different external Gmail mail server.

I can not add to host an IP...because Gmail mail server not offer a static ip to associate to my host

He is obvious that host try to send mail at ip address associated to host

How can solve this Issue!?!?!
I can not use Gmail external mail service?!
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