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Thank you for the tutorial, i do have a few questions though. I was able to install snort, and all the components you mentioned into suse10. i do not use ispconfig and my document root path is "/usr/local/apache2/htdocs" I have moved base-1.2.5 into htdocs, however im not sure where to move "adodb" to. could you please advise where would be the equivlent to "/var/www" as per your tut. (sorry, but i'm working on my newbness )

also, should base-1.2.5 and adodb be chmod to my apache user and group?

thank you for any help !!

i'll have a couple more questions regarding base, but i'd rather wait till i can get these first couple solved for sure. Thanks again

btw, im not trying to hijack anyones post, just thought it would be a good place to start , considering, a topic is already started, if ya like i can start a new, just let me know.
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