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Originally Posted by falko
No, not the IP address!
If you own a domain, e.g., then create a subdomain, e.g., in DNS and use this subdomain as hostname.
Iím going to use a domain from:


Originally Posted by falko
No, in ISPConfig you go to Management -> Update Manager -> Update and install the package there.
I figured this out before your post, lol. When I log into phpmyadmin I get this error:
The mbstring PHP extension was not found and you seem to be using a multibyte charset. Without the mbstring extension phpMyAdmin is unable to split strings correctly and it may result in unexpected results.

Originally Posted by falko
That depends on your network setup. Does your server have direct access to the internet, or is it behind a router in a local network?
Behind a router, Iím forwarding ports to the servers Local IP. Forwarding ports: 80,21,22,25,53,110,81,443,10000. Iím not sure if thatís correct.

Thanks Again for all your help.