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Originally Posted by farao
Dear all,

After installing Postgrey last night, and verifying it actually works, I set the delay-option to 60 seconds. But then I found it delays my messages for too long.
In my headers, I see entries like:
X-Greylist: delayed 1025 seconds by postgrey-1.24 (...blah blah)

Another test gave me a 1101 second delay.
Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?

Hi, you completely misunderstood greylisting.
Please read the documentation before you use greylisting and how e-mail works. Otherwise it could happen that your server is blocking all mails.

The delay-Parameter does not define, when the e-mail should arrive your server (60 seconds). It defines that the e-mail is accepted in 60 seconds.
You have no influence when the sending e-mail server will retry to send the e-mail, after you greylisted it.
Before these 60 seconds the server will not accept the email.

I used 360 seconds, because spammers will try it in 60 seconds again :-)
There is a second parameter, how long you will accept the e-mail --retry-windows=2h
This defines that you accept the emails 2 hours after you have greylisted the email (first contact). Now the email must be incoming between the first 360 seconds and 2 hours, after 2 hours it would be greylisted again.

Hope this helps :-)

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