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Originally Posted by matehortua
mydomain =
You have to change this on, maybe to
myhostname =
mydomain = $myhostname

Originally Posted by matehortua
yes i have mydestinations = /etc/postfix/local-host-names

and in the file local-host-names i have the line and alll the domains that im hosting on my server
To clarify this: if you want to send emails for from your ISPConfig server to your actual mailserver, then must not be in mydestinations on your ISPConfig server. Comment it out there!

Originally Posted by matehortua
but im still getting this log

NOQUEUE : Reject :RCPT from unknown[]: 554  <>:  Recipient address rejected : Relay access denied ; 
from= <> to=<> PROTO=ESMTP helo=<pc5>
so the mails are getting in but not going out !!!!!!!
Do the steps above, and if you still get the error message: you have to enable "Server needs authentication." in your email client.
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