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Originally Posted by kea13
Hi lorello,

since I'm stuck with an Ensim 3.1 box, too, I'd like to inquire whether you'd mind sharing this gem ?
Hi, I've not made a general purpose toolkit to make my migration, I've only used the Remoting Framework of ISPConfig to create quickly 50% of my sites, the other half has been created manually.

My old server with ensim has died when I was programming the migration and writing scripts to make it easier, so I've done many errors and if I could return on my steps I should make it better....

The steps I've followed are (should be):

- move backups of sites, database, majordomo, mailqueue, users' home, user preferences for squirrelmail from ensim box to ispconfig box
(exclude in mysql dumps the commands to create & select database, because they will change names on the ISPconfig box)

- launch many times a script that using remote framework create quickly: client, site, dns records for mail.domain.tld and mysql database (i've made it all with the same password for admin users, database etc.., we could do it better...)

- launch another script many times to restore backup of sites' files, set correct ownership & permissions.

- restore mysql database (i've done it manually, because i've made )

- recreate users on ispconfig sites: a) manually for small sites, because you don't need a default admin user as on Ensim, so you can change something during the migration; b) automatically for some bigger domains, because i've one domain with more than 3200 users...

- foreach domain, launch a script that take old mailboxes in mbox format and convert it in Maildir format (and write a log where you can read what mailboxes you have forgotten to create)
- install squirrelmail on ispconfig server and import user preferences & addressbook (i've not done it until now)

I've found two main problems after migration:

1. mixed uppercase & lowercase usernames (Some.User@some_ensim_domain.tld) that ISPConfig doesn't like.

2. ISPConfig performances running big domains: my old box was AMD 2GHz of cpu, 1Gb of ram, one ATA disk, using MailScanner (Spamassassin+clamd), my new box is a dual Xeon 3GHz with 2Gb of ram and 2 SCSI disks but if I activate spamassassin & clamd an all users, as it was on the old server, my load average jump over 200 (!!!) and the server became unusable. I think this depends on how ispconfig use spamassasin&clam (through procmail), I must work on this now to remove spam in earlier stages (on handshake, with RBLs, greylistings, etc...).

I hope this rapid notes could help you, ask on the forum if you want more info... I could have forgotten some steps.

See you,
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