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Question Static Web Site Configurations


I have a Web site that was created and managed by ISPConfig.
Now, this Web site must use Drupal. There are many Apache
configuration directives that I cannot seem to use with ISPConfig
and that are required for Drupal.

For example, ISPConfig will allow me to define custom error pages,
but it will not allow me to add arbitrary Apache directives, such as
Rewrite, FilesMatch, Directory, et al.

As a result, I have to figure out a way to either
(1) Get ISPConfig to accept more Apache directives or
(2) Remove the site from ISPConfig and handle it statically.

(Or, am I just going about this the wrong way?)

As I have it now (Thanks, Till), the Web site in question works
flawlessly as a static site; however, the next time I use ISPConfig,
it will write out the information about this Web site in Vhosts_ispconfig.conf.
This will leave me with the same domain name defined twice,
which I do not want.

So, to summarize, I want ISPConfig to handle the DNS for the domain,
but I do not want it to handle the Web site. How can this be achived?
Do I simply remove the site definition from ISP Manager?

Thanks for any help!

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