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Originally Posted by till
Have you tried what falko posted, it works!

If you run apt-get upgrade or apt-get dist-upgrade it will upgrade your system. If you use apt-get install, apt will install the package and if it is already installed apt will look if there are newer packages and makes an update.
After reading the above, quoted from the link I posted, I though it was perfectly fine to use the install command. It was fine too, untill the server tried to start the webserver again. It found a few packages to upgrade and did so, there were no errors in the installation procedure what I know of.

I've rebooted the machine now but I don't seem to get it up and running again. It's a remote server so I have to get back to you with the updates. Have to make a few calls and get people to boot it up for me

Is there no way to install mod_php without reinstalling everything? I just can't see the fun in reinstalling the entire server everytime some upgrade/change mess it up.
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