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Talking Clarification

Sorry in my ramblings i hid the details,,,,,

Clarification one:

I have setup a server, but i have not registered a domain name yet for the IP. I read on another post, that i need to do this before going too far. When i do register a domain, can i just change it ISPConfig's software under "management - Server-Settings", or do i have to re-install and not skip the parts i needed to skip since i didn't put in www then right near the end of the install? Right now, i access through the ip number plus :81.

And two:
Has anyone actually had Frontpage extensions 2002 load properly on a recommended install? I see lots of older posts on tricks to use to get it to work with debian sarge on the debian wiki, are they still needed? I intend within the next two or three days to try it straight out using ms's instructions.

Thanks for your responses, Lots for me to think about.
Linux,,,, you mean them penguins, right (or could they be puffins)?

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