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Originally Posted by falko
Aren't you using Maildir? Then you should run Dovecot instead of your xinetd based POP3/IMAP daemon... Your current POP3/IMAP daemon uses mbox.
Hello Falko, and thanks to you for helping me (as well as the How To's and The Forum).

The error I got was *before* I switched over to Maildir. Why did I get that message before I switched over to Maildir format?

Your suggestion worked (surprise).

I've stopped xinetd and started dovecot (actually, I had to remove the 0.99 version and install the 1.0 version which allows for character translation with the 'auth_username_translation =' directive). I've been able to send email from behind the network, and I'll check for remote authentication as soon as I get to a remote machine.

I'll add more when I get the results.

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