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Originally Posted by adrenalinic
I have two vps using ispconfig. All works very great! Ispconfig is a beautiful work.

I would use one vps how webserver of domain and use second vps how mail server of first vps hosting

1)How can configure first vps to send mail to second vps?
Set the MX record of the domain in DNS that it points to your second server.
On your first server, set Mailserver to external in the website options and in the options of all co-domains of this website.

2)When add a mail account on ispconfig with web server of domain, how can sincronyze mail account to second vps?
3)Or i have to configure mail account of domain on mail server??
You must use 3) as ISPConfig is currently not capable to configure multiple servers. If you want to try 2), have a look at the rsync program.
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