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Hey Till,

Thanks for the reply, but I still have a few questions. How would I install mb2md on my Mandriva 2006/ISPConfig box and where would I find the mbox file to convert?

Would it be the files located in var/mail/ or the files located at /var/spoo/mail/?

There is a Maildir in /var/www/web9/ and also one in /var/www/web9/user/john/.
Will my destination be /var/www/web9/Maildir/ or /var/www/web9/user/john/Maildir?

Assuming that the mbox file is under /var/mail/ and the destination is under /var/www/web9/Maildir/, does this syntax look correct?
mb2md -c -s /var/mail/john -d /var/www/web9/Maildir/john

Please help me out with this one because I'm confused.


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