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Originally Posted by stlshawn
Gooooooooood evening everyone!

Just two small questions, that may be answered in the manuals (that i of course have not read yet).

I installed using the prefered setup, and the instructions here. I'll be registering a domain name tomorrow, and all will be well.

Since i have not gotten a domain yet, i know i cannot get subdomains yet, but when i do, can i just change the settings in ispconfig's management tab, or do i have to do lots of evil stuff to lots of files (should i re-install)?
You can create the websites for your Domain in ISPConfig. Thats the purpose of this software

After i get the domain thing straightened out, I need to install Frontpage extensions for some of the designers/maintainers of these oddball sites. Is there something i should worry about, or can i look up a generic "installing frontpage extensions on debian 3.1" sort of answer through some search engine (I don't google)?

There's a long history to this project, i won't bore you with, it has to do with an ISP/Computer store going out of biz, and some charity domains that needed a quick home, blah blah blah blah.
You can use generic installations instructions that are e.g. provided by microsoft. But you have to install the Frontpage 2002 extensions, no other version will work with ISPConfig.
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