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Default Connection timed out

Hi! Is anybody know why in outlook, I have setup my email account and if I click on TEST, I have the email from test and everything is fine. When I'm trying to send email to my hotmail account, I see that the email passed and is now in the sent folder but on my hotmail account I didn't receive the email. And if I try to send email from hotmail to my server, same thing happen, in hotmail I see the email in the sent folder and I have no error msg who come back after few minutes. Here is my mail:

Oct 9 21:34:05 Cronos postfix/qmgr[6416]: 8F92C37ED1: from=<>, size=2445, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct 9 21:34:05 Cronos postfix/qmgr[6416]: B1FCB2016C: from=<>, size=2455, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
Oct 9 21:34:35 Cronos postfix/smtp[6455]: connect to[]: Connection timed out (port 25)
Oct 9 21:34:35 Cronos postfix/smtp[6457]: connect to[]: Connection timed out (port 25)

Thanks for help,
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