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Thanks for your answer falko. I thought I was forgotten ...

Well I installed it from apt (apt-get install ....., I found it first with apt-cache search. - in apt source list is also the address you point to use in php5 how to)

I'm searching everywhere and it seems I must recompile my kernel. I read your how to on kernel compilation but all source kernel files are from 2.4.x versions and my (according to apt) kernel source is 2.6.8 generic amd64. (can't find it)

Would you please guide me on what kernel I must use in my server?
I did install my kernel because it iwas suppossed to get whole advantange of two Xeon 3.0Ghz em64, ht, blabla configuration. But maybe it also work with something else without this kind of conflicts.

Thank you so much.
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