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Hi Falko,

Originally Posted by falko
I'm not quite sure I understand what your problem is right now...
The problem isen't a problem as so, but any way, some how it is, due to that fact as described the warning send by email from the system says that all active monitored services aint running, as soon as we add one of the other services on the list then the once showing to be monitored at the screenshot.

Just to make sure that You do understand.

By running monitoring of the services showend as active at the screenshot = No warning by email are recived.

By activating one more, of the other services showend as not monitored, we recive an warning by the system telling us that alle the monitored services AIN'T running.

Summar Summarum = can we trust the warnings send from the system (ISPConfig) to be right, due to the fact that if we test the services to run, the result is that they are all running, EVEN that the warning send by email by the system, ISPConfig, says that the services ain't running.!!!!

Pyyyhhaaa, that was a lot of ways to say the same thing, sorry.
Best regards,

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