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Originally Posted by till

we (Falko and I) are making ISPConfig installations every day and the perfect setup guides really work, if you copy the commands line by line and edit the files as described in the howto. I'am sorry to hear that you loosed your job, but why have you not posted your problems earlier to the forums or ordered a ISPConfig remote installation so we could have helped you?

Without having access to the system it is not easy to say what has gone wrong. Do you have an excrpt of the mail log?

Hi Till,

I didn't know about this forum until yesterday. I found the guide through internet search but I did not know there was a forum to ask questions of the developers.

You're right of course. It's hard to figure out what went wrong without access to the system and logs. I will attempt setting this up locally with the knowlege that this forum exists, and you can bet I'll ask questions.

Thanks ,

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