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Hi Rocky. Thank you for answering.

We had DNS & MX records pointing to the IP. I built perfectly fine a server that could receive mail, and serve websites. Name service was offsite, and resolved perfectly to our IP. We had several IPS available, one dedicated strictly for the server. What I could not get, and thus tried to get with ISPConfig, was SMTP AUTH, so that *remote* clients could send mail through the server to a domain *not* ours. Never happend.

I did follow the perfect install for Core 4. Several times. The server was remote to me, and I had to talk a local guy there through the install from DVD several times (after 6 or 7 failed attempts, I figured it was better to start with a clean slate).

My statement about MX & DNS records where with regard to ISPConfig, and whether or not I needed to enter them there. I've never gotten SMTP AUTH, Never been able to get it to work. I've never come across a primer that guided me to success. This is my fault, no one else's.


When I say I talked someone through the install, I talked them through the Core 4 base install. Once the server rebooted, I SSHed in and completed the install/config/testing/failure.

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