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Default VSFTPD & IDENT Lookups again

Hi there,

i nearly read all discussions on VSFTPD and delayed logins , but still have not solution yet ...

my problem:

customers wait about 20 second after ftp-connection to enter their login .. well personaly i dont care , but the ISPConfig's tcpserver starts an ident request to the customers 113-port , waiting for answer,reject or timeout to proceed ..

so i need a heck to tell the tcpserver to let this be .. since it wraps around vsftpd and vsftpd itself has no options for ident-lookups , i suggest it is the tcpserver itself that performs this lookup

just to stop proftpd-topic-crossposters: i will stick to vsftpd !! no way for proftpd so far .. depends :- )


best regards

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