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Default Same problem as Keulu


I have the same problem as Keulu here and I can't find any solution to the problem.

I had a completely new installation of Debian 3.1 when starting to install according to the "Perfect Setup" for the correct version of Debian. I followed every step by copying and pasting, but still the SMTP AUTH functionality doesn't work. Everytime I try to connect with the client (Microsoft Outlook Express & others) the password isn't accepted.

In the logfile I get the following error everytime I try to authenticate a user:

Aug 28 09:57:10 postfix/smtpd[12365]: warning: SASL authentication failure: cannot connect to saslauthd server: No such file or directory

I have checked with testsaslauthd and it responds OK.

I have set password with saslpasswd2 to no awail.

What else can I try? Can I do other checks to see if everything is working? Since the logfile is referring to that smtpd is unable to connect to saslauthd is there anything I can do to make sure it is connecting? How does it connect? Is it using a pipe or a socket? If the pipe is known perhaps one can try that, manually?

I am out of options right now. I have checked every place on Internet I can find that discuss this problem. It was so easy for version 3.0 of Debian. Everything worked directly.

Please help!
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